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We make it simple to switch your

  •     bank account
  •     direct deposit
  •     automatic bill payment
    ... to your hometown bank.

What is SimpleSwitch®?

Want to become a customer of our bank, but don’t want to go through the hassle of changing banks? That’s why we invented SimpleSwitch®, to make it simple to switch your accounts, direct deposits, and automatic bill payments from your old bank to ours.

How we’ll make it simple to switch your bank accounts

With SimpleSwitch® we have created a new and easy system of switching banks. It begins with a visit with one of our personal bankers, who can make this "hassle free" for you. To switch your accounts, here’s all you need to do:

  1.     Stop by our bank and we’ll help you select your account(s). Then fill out an account application form and sign a signature card.
  2.     Deposit a check from your old bank into your new bank account (or we can transfer the funds if you wish).
  3.     We’ll then help you select/order new checks, an ATM or Debit card, and provide password protected access to Telebank and online banking, bill pay and imaged checks.

How we’ll make it simple to switch your direct deposit and establish automatic bill payments

We’ll also make it simple to set up or switch your direct payroll deposits, government payments, and automatic bill payments. Click to find more details on how easy it can be to switch your direct deposit or automatic bill payment.